Whether you are running solo, or in a pack of fearless friends, we can all use a little motivation when the mile markers seem to be getting farther and farther apart...

It all started with 4 words.
You Got This. FINISH... hastily scribbled on my arm with waterproof eyeliner as we gathered at the starting line of our first Rogue Run.

“We should just make tattoos that say that…” and as soon as it was out of our mouths, it was practically a done deal. WE HAD to do it! WE needed it! And we knew that it would be just as valuable for the first time 5k’er to Boston-bound lifetime runners.

We’ve Got this! So we crafted some of our favorite thoughts, and ran the Pear Blossom (10 miles of fun) with inkjet tattoos on our arms and RunINKspired shirts on our backs. It didn’t matter that no one had ever heard of it. It mattered less if anyone knew what our ink had to say. It mattered to us! We finished just before that makeshift ink melted away…. And there were bananas, and medals, and perfect strangers who didn’t expect to be hugged that day… but that is a whole other story. :)


And so we are. Finishing the launch phase of a product that we already love, and hope helps to drive YOU to the finish line. Finishing the work it takes to build something from the ground up in the dead of night or early morning hours, just like you fit in your runs.

We hope you will love what you find here. We hope you will contribute to the community we are building together. We hope you will wear your INKspiration proudly (and tag us in your pics :), and more importantly, share what moves you! We will still be there convincing ourselves that we are “real” runners.

We couldn’t be happier to run these miles with you! (You got this!)

I am excited to give these as a gift, they are fun and will bring smiles to everyone. The envelope they came in was even personalized....Cathy "The Crusher". I love the new nickname, it's a keeper. Thanks for the smiles.

Cathy T.

Fantastic looking motivational running tattoos. Perfect for 5k runners, marathon runners, and everything in between! Great customer service. Couldn't be happier!


Got the I GOT THIS bracelet for my daughter and myself, she'd recently been cut from a middle school Cross Country team she ran on last year. Her heart was broken so I gave her this bracelet as a reminder to prove them wrong and show them she can do anything she sets her mind too!!


While running my 2nd marathon, my tattoo kept me going 🙏👍Will buy from them again!